Try it!

See the picture below? It's called demo.jpg.

Right-click on it, select "properties" and check: demo.jpg, right?

Demo image

So now: take a closer look at demo.jpg. Click here, or type it into the title bar. (On Firefox, you can even "View image".) Notice any difference?

But it's the same file, isn't it?

Deleach is:

a unique program which provides fine-grained deep-linking control for your website. You can provide conditional access to any or all files on your website, based on who is asking, where they are, and why they want it.

Using DeLeach you can:

  • Stamp out bandwidth theft of images, sounds, animations, videos, and more,
  • Create automatic gateway pages which will be seen by every visitor to your site,
  • Assert your copyright and sales messages on every off-site image you serve,
  • Repel spiders and other site crawlers which gobble your resources,
  • Eliminate browser compatibility problems forever,
  • Protect your premium content from casual surfing or malicious link-sharing,
  • Secure your private data, tight!

... and that's just for starters!


DeLeach is implemented in an ISAPI extension - that's a plug-in for Microsoft's IIS web server. That means: it snaps right into your existing web server, and starts protecting you instantly.

  • Works with all versions of IIS from 4.0 upwards (you're not really using 4.0, are you?)
  • 100% compatible with your existing website - no code changes necessary!
  • Works in concert with all scripting languages and cgi.


Deleach provides an exceptional level of control over access rights. You can specify which files are protected, and what action to take when an unauthorised use is detected.

  • Protection can be applied per-file to any or all files in a website
  • Any number of distinct actions can be defined, again file-by-file.
  • Multiple levels of configuration to establish site-wide security policies.


The entry-level version of DeLeach is entirely free!

  • Fully-functional.
  • No time-limitation.
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